Care Share Connection How It Works Step 1

Big Picture

First, we’ll set up a time to chat and discuss what your needs are, your timeline, your geography and various other big picture items so we can determine if working together would be a good fit. This is a good opportunity for you to learn more about me, as well! If you are currently expecting it’s never too early to make contact but most new families begin researching childcare in the second trimester.

Care Share Connection How It Works Step 2

Discovery Details

If we decide to move forward, my next task is to learn as much as possible about you and your family. We’ll discuss work schedules, geography and logistics to better understand your needs. Questions including your views on TV exposure and your comfort level with pets will go toward not only finding an appropriate match but also ultimately creating a comprehensive agreement. I usually start by having you and your significant other complete an intake form before we meet.

Care Share Connection How It Works Step 3

Option A: Full Package

When a possible match is identified an introduction is arranged . . . and we hope sparks fly! If the introduction doesn’t lead to a mutual decision to move forward with a share we can try again. A match is not guaranteed but all efforts will be made to make one!

Option B: Coaching & Agreement Only

You found (or plan to find) a family to work with through your own network. Great! We’ll move right to the coaching and agreement in Step 4.

Care Share Connection How It Works Step 4

The Agreement

Once matched, we begin the most important step of outlining a three-way agreement. This is between both the families as well as your soon-to-be nanny and will address many of the important details I’ve learned about in Step 2. It is the most important aspect of a nanny share and it is critical it receives enough attention to establish a solid foundation. Do not overlook this step!


Further coaching can be provided on finding and hiring of nannies, appropriate interview questions, resources for background checks, payment services, first aid training requirements, etc. However, it is important to understand that Care Share Connection does not arrange the placement of nannies.