Q: What are the benefits of a nanny share vs daycare?  

  • Smaller adult to child ratio while still having another child for socialization and play.
  • A childcare plan that is customized to what YOU want for your baby with regard to naps, food, outings, potty training, etc.
  • Less missed work — nannies can still watch your child with a runny nose, an ear infection, or mild illness. Daycares, however, will not allow your child in their facility with even slight illness which requires you or your spouse to stay home with baby.
  • You will be able to interview and hire your caregiver . . . daycares often have high turnover, substitutes and frequent changes.
  • Have an early morning or running late? No problem. Your nanny can help with feeding him/her breakfast, getting baby dressed, or even an evening bath.
  • Want your little one to be a part of a music class or go to book babies at the library when they’re older? Or a zoo date when they’re into animals? You can hire a nanny with a good driving record and encourage sponsored field trips!

Q: What are some of the challenges to having a nanny share?

A nanny share requires participation from the parents. Things will come up from time to time that require the parents to communicate and problem solve. While the advantages for most families far outweigh the challenges, a nanny share requires that you ‘roll up your sleeves’ and have a willingness to be involved in your child’s care.

Q: We work different hours than our matched family and our commute is the opposite direction.

Don’t be intimidated by some logistical hurdles. While geography does need to make sense to a certain degree, nannies can help with picking up baby on their way to work or can be asked to stay later for a given family.  This will all be explored and outlined with an agreement.

Q: I work irregular hours and different days each week, can we still nanny share?

Let’s talk about your situation in more detail . . . I have helped arrange these in the past and it isn’t out of the question.

Q: How will we be matched?

You will be matched based on geography, schedules, and parenting views. The more information you can provide about your needs, the better likelihood of finding a compatible match.

Q: What if we meet with our match and we don’t feel it will be a good fit?

The goal is to find a match that both families feel will be a good fit. If it is decided by either family that it won’t be a good fit, we’ll keep looking. It is important to remember that you are not looking for a new best friend. Your consideration of a good fit should be evaluated more on logistics, parenting views and a willingness to work together.

Q: How much does daycare usually cost vs a nanny share?

A common price for infant daycare in Denver is $350/week or $70/day. A nanny share will typically be similar to that depending on hours and other factors. In some instances nanny shares can be slightly less than daycare.

Q: How much does Care Share Connection cost?

The price from start to finish is $400 per family, just a little more than the average price of one week of daycare. This includes finding a match, creating a customized agreement for your share, and coaching on other important aspects of forming a share. Alternative á la carte options are available, as well (see next question).

Q: We’ve already found a family in our neighborhood to do a nanny share with, can you help us set up the agreement and coach us on how to make this work?

Yes! That is fantastic you found your own match — let’s make sure you are set up for a successful share. Together we can build a customized agreement and I can offer feedback and suggestions based on experience. We will move directly into an agreement and your investment will only be the original $200 since you will not pay the additional fee for a match.

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